Welcome to Singwatak Industries Sdn Bhd

We do the high grade spray painting work and silk screen printing.

Singwatak Industries is situated in Johor Bahru, in the heart land of rapid industrialization where thousands of factories are located. Singwatak play the supporting role to many manufacturing industries. They range from small local company to multi national corporations.

We Specialize in:

-   Spray-Painting
-   Pad Printing
-   Silkscreen Printing

**  Of any plastic component part for Electronics,Audio-Video,Cabin Utilities and   Computer...

Many manufacturers dispatch their products, which has plastic or metal exterior for Singwatak to manage the secondary process , namely:

1] high grade spray painting work
- painting the exterior of plastic and metal with selected color, enhancing the appearance , boosting acceptance and saleability of products.

2] silk screen printing

- labeling, brand naming on exterior part of product